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Pages (#3)

Pages by Kathy Weyer

Independent Book Review


Jade Robinson has inherited an estate that leaves her wondering what to do with her life. So she opens a store at Heritage Art Park called Pages, catering to the literary community, and seeks to keep moving forward despite her grief over Iris and other losses.

Book 3 of the Heritage Art Park series seems to open mid-story, so readers familiar with the evolving story’s predecessors will experience the smoothest transition into this continuing saga.

Jade’s decision fits in with the overall plan for the Art Park and helps her to move forward as she asks others what they need in their lives and responds by creating something that moves her away from her grief, as well.

Readers of women’s novels who enjoy stories of midlife changes and interpersonal relationships that operate on different levels, from business to community-building, will find Pages a revealing story.

More so than most, it depicts a community centered on the life changes, needs, choices, and interactions of characters who face life, death, and what can be achieved.

Jade’s ongoing devotion to Iris’s stories and Iris’s ability to move from confusion to seeing a project to fruition creates an absorbing atmosphere of change and self-empowerment: “It was worth the sacrifice. These things were being worked out as we moved along, and we would soon all be feeling more safe and comfortable.”

Can the newly date-worthy Jade Robinson handle betrayal and the consequences of her actions and choices and their impact on those around her?

As readers absorb this segment of an ongoing drama, this small community and a woman’s decisions come to life.

Library collections strong in women’s fiction and small-town lives will find Pages a compelling novel requiring only the previous books to prove enlightening and revealing.

Us Book Review for Pages:

Another Great Review – from Readers’ Favorite!

Reviewed by Natalie Soine for Readers’ Favorite

Pages by Kathy Weyer is set in San Diego and tells the suspenseful story of ninety-plus-year-old Iris Anderson and her driver Jade Robinson. When Iris passed away, she bequeathed to Jade her residence and all its contents, bringing unwanted attention to Jade. The only caveat is that Jade provides full support and aid to Iris’s nasty friend Helen Sullivan for the length of Helen’s life. Together with writer Robert Graham, Jade opens a store called Pages at Heritage Art Park, a community of houses now coming together as an art colony. Jade opens her home to Lupe, Ellen, and other abused women seeking refuge. Jade’s past is haunting her and she’s afraid but somehow intrigued by a stranger, Paul Walker, who may reveal her secrets.

Pages is an engrossing story and author Kathy Weyer does a superb job of conveying Jade’s thoughts, emotions, and witty humor. Iris’s home and the houses at Heritage Art Park are beautifully described, each with its own style and décor. The characters come to life as Jade makes her way through a spider’s web of secrets while surprising herself with her ability to make friends and help women in need. The story is smooth-flowing, easy to relate to, and a comfortable read. Kathy highlights the plight of abused women and children, giving the reader food for thought. I mostly enjoyed Jade’s adaptation to her newfound wealth and freedom while retaining her natural style and personality. All-round, a great novel and highly recommended to all ages.

Stitches by Kathy Weyer
Length: Full Length (342 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Stars

From Long and Short Review

Spending a lifetime as a socialite with a secret is easier when you’re married to a rich, successful, caring, and intelligent man. But what happens to your world when he dies, and you find out he had secrets of his own?

Stitches is one of those rare books I am sure to find myself reading again before too long. And I am genuinely excited to see what comes next from this author! If you’ve ever read and loved best-selling author Jacqueline Susann of “Valley of the Dolls” and “Once Is Not Enough” fame, you are going to adore the work of Kathy Weyer. Ms. Susann may have had more sex in her novels, but she certainly didn’t have more heart.

5-star Reviews from Amazon:

Grab a blankie, some cookies and a box of Kleenex, ’cause you’re not going anywhere once you start reading this book . . . Kathy Weyer has woven a literary tapestry that will keep you warm and transfixed as you watch the colorful threads of each character come together and forge forever friendships. You will laugh, and you will cry, but you will not put this book down until you have read every last, delicious page.

Encore demanded for debut author . . . The “stitches” of family and friend bonds sometimes cut deeply into the skin and sometimes hold it all together. This wonderful novel by Kathy Weyer will touch places in all of us. We recognize pieces of our own lives in this debut women’s fiction story. Encore, encore, Ms. Weyer!

I really enjoyed Stitches. It’s the kind of book you read … and can’t put down because the characters are so engaging and you want to find out how they end up. The main character is a young widow as I am and I thought the author was spot on in her description of what you go through to get to the other side of grief. All of it done with a light but realistic touch. I think it would make a great TV series, the characters and environment were that entertaining. A fun read! I highly recommend it.

Great Read . . . I can’t recommend this book too highly. It is very well written and you will not want to put it down. The characters just come to life. You will see your brother, your Mother, your best friend in these characters. I am so anxious for Kathy Weyer’s next book.

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