Our stories begin with the shop Stitches, in one of the houses here at Heritage Park. Long a San Diego visitor mecca, the seven houses are historical homes once belonging to San Diego leaders. Now boarded up, the stories began in my head as I sat under the huge Cypress tree and wondered what I would do if I were in charge.

I would turn it into an art park, naturally.

Stitches is, of course, a needlework shop where we meet all the characters to come in the next five (maybe six) books. Jen Conrad had her life cut out for her in a nice, neat, orderly fashion. Watch her tear it up. The next books spring from the characters met in Stitches, but can be read separately.

Canvas is the continuing story of Mayor Renee who finds herself fostering a very angry fifteen-year-old man child. Never married and never interested but haunted by a former relationship, she finds a whole new definition of the word love, along with figuring out what she actually wants in the second half of her life.

Pages takes up residence next to Stitches and is about Jade, companion to Iris, who had died in Stitches; a young, tattoed, lost young lady who has mysteries to solve in her own life and begins a new era, tentatively, with a writing career and some legal issues. Iris has surprised her, and she’s not quite sure how to deal.

Follow up books Blooms, Baubles, Clay and Rockers are in the planning stages.