Kathy Weyer

San Diego Heritage Park

Setting for the Heritage Art Park Series

Picture taken at the San Diego Heritage Park – Blake House

Kathy Weyer is an author, artist, and animal lover. She is a former HR Director, grief counselor, entrepreneur and avid reader. She was awarded first prize (twice) by the Palm Springs Writers Guild for fiction and memoir contests and has been published in several magazines. She is on the board of directors for the Friends of the Palm Springs Library and the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Kathy lives in Palm Springs with her husband of 42 years and their rescued pets. She is the author of Stitches, Canvas and Pages, the first three of a planned six-book series based in San Diego’s Heritage Park.

San Diego Heritage Park https://www.sdparks.org/content/sdparks/en/park-pages/Heritage.html is one of the author’s favorite spots in her home town and is the imagined spot for Heritage Art Park. Now boarded up and sitting forlornly on a beautiful spot in Old Town, Kathy dreamed up the series while sitting under the Coral Tree; she saw movement, action, drama, and beautiful gatherings on the lawns surrounding the houses. Begin with Stitches where you will meet all the characters to come in the following books in the series. Stitches is imagined in the Christian House where women gather to solve problems of their own – or people they embrace.

It’s only too late if you don’t start now…

I admit it – I’m a late bloomer; Stitches was published on my 60th birthday.

Career path for me consisted of several forks in the road. From an Executive Secretary back in the day, to an HR Director, to a therapist, to running a senior center, I’ve heard tons of stories.

I heard from women about abuse, grief, identity, and re-birth – so much so I became an advocate for the victims of this world – abused women, neglected children, and abandoned animals. I’ve witnessed changes women can create in themselves and in others, even late in life (the second chapter).

My first book, Stitches, is the story of a woman who thought she knew who she was. She was wrong; this story came in a roundabout way. San Diego Heritage Park is in San Diego’s Old Town, a group of six Victorian-era houses that have historical value, but are boarded up and looking very sad. In my head I was in charge of the complex and turned it into an art colony. The first house was dedicated to needlework; thus Stitches was born from both my experience as a bereavement counselor and a needle worker. It was a match.

I went home and began to pound the keyboard, not having a clue what I was doing, but it felt right. That was six years ago. The pandemic forced me to finish the two that come in behind it, Canvas and Pages, and I am now working on the fourth, tentatively called Trinkets.

Palm Springs is a lovely place to retire and contemplate your next chapter. My husband of 42 years and my rescued animals keep me busy and motivated to keep going and make a difference with my one voice. My books talk about social issues I feel strongly about, and I hope they open up discussion and discovery for others.

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