Our stories begin with the shop Stitches, in one of the houses here at Heritage Park. Long a San Diego visitor mecca, The seven houses are historical houses once belonging to San Diego leaders. Now boarded up, the stories began in my head as I sat under the huge Cypress tree and wondered what I would do if I were in charge.

I would turn it into an art park, naturally.

Stitches is, of course, a needlework shop where we meet all the characters to come in the next five (maybe six) books. Jen Conrad had her life cut out for her in a nice, neat, orderly fashion. Watch her tear it up.

Pages takes up residence next to Stitches and is about Jade, a young, tattoed, lost young lady who has mysteries to solve in her own life and begins a new era, tentatively, with a writing career and some legal issues. Iris has surprised her, and she’s not quite sure how to deal.

Canvas is the continuing story of Mayor Renee who finds herself fostering a very angry fifteen-year-old man child. Never married and never interested, but haunted by a former relationship, she finds a whole new definition of the word love, along with figuring out what she actually wants in the second half of her life.