Heritage Art Park Books

STITCHES is the first book in the Heritage Art Park Series. In it, we meet all the characters bound to come in the following books, starting with Jen Conrad. This is the improved and revised second edition.

Raised by an imperious society mother and a superior court judge, Jen Conrad does everything exactly as expected. When her husband of 37 years dies, her best friend Renee convinces her to open a needlework shop in the new Heritage Art Park, and a group forms at the shop where Jen realizes life was not all as it seemed. She has a secret – and it’s big. Not even her husband knew.

The family has always swept unpleasantries under the rug, and there are many. Enduring one too many insults from her father, Jen finally confronts her parents about The Incident, and discovers a sense of freedom – finally – to abandon the role she has played her entire life. You can get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Stitches-Relatable-Engrossing-Womens-Fiction-ebook/dp/B08ZLBSLX5

PAGES – Coming Soon

This book features Iris’s helper Jade Robinson – she has some secrets, and Iris left her with a treasure she’s not quite sure what to do with while she’s hiding. Jade opens up a writing haven at the Art Park with Robert, the social writer. She learns some skills, and for once has some men paying attention, which she definitely does not want.

CANVAS – Coming Soon

Ah…Jen’s best friend Renee is now no longer mayor, and she’s taken on an angry fifteen-year-old male child lost in the system. What could possibly go wrong? She opens up an art store at Heritage Arts along with Tricia’s new (surprise) husband. That, coupled with her love life, is going to drive her over the edge.

BLOSSOMS – In Process

Suzanne Finch is the top-tier realtor in town, but she is not who she seems to be. We know her secret from Stitches, but we don’t know it all until we get a few years into the Art Park. Suzanne is – think a young Auntie Mame – bulldozing her way through life only to find out a softer touch can be just as effective.

BAUBLES – In formulation

Jen’s sister Maggie opens up a jewelry and accessory store for therapy; if you know Maggie from Stitches, you can predict the outcome.

BATTER, ROCKERS, and GLASS – In dreamland at the moment

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