It’s only too late if you don’t start now…

Kathy Weyer, author and self-proclaimed late bloomer, uses powerful storytelling to open discussions about social issues.  The re-creation and repurposing of one’s life after child-rearing and a professional life are front and center in her books.  She focuses on topics she’s had personal experience with via her own life and her work as a therapist.  Kathy shines a light on women’s issues, the foster/child welfare system, domestic violence, and grief and bereavement through the experiences of her characters and her story lines.

Due to the many stories she heard as a counselor – stories from women about abuse, grief, identity, and re-birth – Kathy became an advocate for the victims of this world from abused women to neglected children to abandoned animals. She’s witnessed the changes women can create in themselves and in others, even late in life.

These stories sparked her first book, Stitches, the story of a woman who thought she knew who she was. She was wrong.

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